Vym 1.3.15 for Windows

(Unofficial, built from developer sources)
License: GPL



Hi, since Vym doesn't provide binaries for Windows yet, and this port can't save to folders that contain spaces, I simply downloaded the current (developer/unstable) sources and used the Qt SDK (using  Mingw GCC release) to make it compile on Windows and created a simple Installer with Innosetup. This is unofficial, I haven't received a response on the dev mailing list yet (20111015), so therefore I decided to release this stuff. I am not interested to really further hack on the code, apart from including a simple screenshot app..

Here it is, have fun...

Amanjit Gill


Binary Installer: vym-win32-unofficial-1.13.15-setup.exe  
GPL Sources: vym-1.13.15-unofficial-win32.zip

If you just want to use Vym on Windows you just need the Binary Installer (.exe)

Checksums (MD5)

46AE3266AB4FE77C0A55CCBE5EF79334 vym-win32-unofficial-1.13.15-setup.exe
A5563E355A63B848A8395E65394EA2A5 vym-1.13.15-unofficial-win32.zip

Building the Code

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